Up to 8 Shades Whiter
in Your First Visit

At Lumiarie, we believe a radiant smile is your most important accessory. More than just teeth whitening, we offer a transformative experience that empowers you to unlock your brightest confidence. Whether you dream of achieving Hollywood-level glow or simply want to boost your everyday smile, our bespoke whitening solutions meet your unique needs and goals.

Step into our luxurious studio and embark on a journey tailored just for you. Our expert team combines our exclusive process with patented cutting-edge technology and personalized care. We also craft a treatment plan that addresses your desired shade, sensitivity concerns, and lifestyle. From advanced in-studio sessions to convenient at-home kits, we guide you every step of the way, ensuring you achieve a stunning, long-lasting smile that radiates confidence with every beam.

Discover our Exclusive Wedding Glow-UP Package: Lumiarie's main specialty is ensuring Brides, Grooms, and Wedding party members are photo-ready with our comprehensive whitening experience.

Come discover the Lumiarie difference. We're not just whitening teeth, we're illuminating smiles and lighting the world with joy. Let your brightest self shine, book your consultation today!


Unlock your Brightest smile

Up to 8 Shades Whiter
in Your First Visit

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Get ready for a visible transformation! Our White Radiance offers an In-Studio experience that will leave you with a Brighter smile! Step into our studio and let our experts work their magic with 1 in-studio whitening treatment. You'll receive a personalized consultation and a customized whitening plan tailored just for you. Prepare to get your smile glowing! It's time to shine! (May need additional whitening to reach your smile's whitest potential)

Whiteness Level: High
Results: Immediate
In-Studio appointment: 120 minutes

White Radiance


In-Studio Whitening Treatment

  • Personalized Consultation & custom whitening plan
  • 120 minutes of In-Studio Whitening Treatment  
  • Exclusive 4 Step Sensi-Shield sensitivity care 
  • Mineral Boost Treatment: Prevents sensitivity and strengthens enamel. 

Perfect for those seeking an immediate whitening experience to achieve a brighter smile!


Introductory Pricing


Payment Options Available 

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Time for a pick-me-up for your pearly whites! Our Refresh and Revive Package is designed for those who have already experienced the magic of an initial Lumiarie whitening treatment. In just 70 minutes, we'll give your smile the boost it needs with our whitening refresh-touch up. With a range from 2-4 applications depending on your individual needs, your smile will be refreshed, renewed, and ready to conquer the world again. It's like a spa day for your teeth! 

In-Studio Appointment: 70 minute session
Whiteness Level: Refreshes your smile back to Whitest Shade
Results: Immediate

For Clients who have had a Previous Lumiarie Whitening Treatment

Smile Refresh (Touch-UP)


In-Studio Touch-Up Whitening 

  • 90 minute In-Studio Whitening  Touch-UP Treatment  
  • Exclusive 4 Step Sensi-Shield sensitivity care
  • 1 Mineral Boost Treatment: Prevents sensitivity & strengthens enamel 

For a refreshingly whiter smile when your teeth fade.


Refresh White

Introductory Pricing 



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Get ready to shine like never before with our In-Studio All-Inclusive Wedding Glow-Up package. Experience the luxury of unlimited whitening applications, meticulously tailored to achieve the last three shades of white for your teeth. Witness immediate same day results that will leave you speechless. To ensure your smile stays impeccable throughout your wedding journey, we provide three additional In-Studio whitening touch-up treatments before your engagement photos, bridal photos, and the big day itself. Indulge in the transformative power of this teeth whitening package and step into the spotlight with a radiant smile that will captivate everyone's attention.

Whiteness Level: Maximum
Results: Immediate
Each In-Studio appointment: 120 minutes

For Brides, Grooms & Wedding Party Members

Lumiarie's Exclusive Wedding Glow-UP Package


Payment Options Available

  • Personalized Consultation & custom whitening plan
  • UNLIMITED 120 Minute All Inclusive In-Studio Whitening Treatments-until your teeth reach their WHITEST SHADE-can take up to 4 weeks
  • 3- 90 Minute Smile Refresh Touch-Up Whitening Treatments: Use before engagement photos, bridal photos, and wedding day! 
  • Exclusive 4 Step Sensi-Shield sensitivity care 
  • Mineral Boost Treatment: Prevents sensitivity and strengthens enamel.  

Perfect for those seeking an immediate, comprehensive and transformative whitening experience throughout their wedding journey.

Includes: All-Inclusive In-Studio Teeth Whitening Treatments

Introductory Pricing


We place cheek retractors to help keep the lips and cheeks away from the teeth. Then, a gingival barrier is applied to both the upper and lower teeth along the gum line and set with a curing light. These items help to isolate and protect the gums.

Place lip retractor & apply Gum barrier


We take a pre-whitening photo to compare the final whitening result.

Take Pre-Whitening Photo


We use a custom shade guide to select your tooth color shade before whitening to allow us to measure the results.

Select shade of your teeth 


We take photos of your beautiful white teeth and compare the shade results. Now, you are ready to spread the joy and share your new radiant smile with the World!

Select New Smile Shade & Take Photo


After the last application, we remove the gingival barrier, gauze, and cheek retractor.

REmove gum barrier & lip retractor


We apply 4 to 5 applications with a warming light mouthpiece. Each session is about 8 minutes long. After each session, we remove the mouthpiece and gel, then, reapply a fresh coat of whitening gel and wipe and place the mouthpiece over your teeth again.

Whiten Time


The Process