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Tony C.  //
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I recently tried the Ultimate Radiance Transformation package with Lumiarie Teeth Whitening and I was blown away by the results! My teeth are significantly whiter and brighter. I definitely noticed a significant improvement in the shade of my teeth. The personal treatment plan is next to none. What held me back for years on taking this step to a brighter smile was the possibility of sensitivity.

To my surprise there was minimal to NONE. I can assure you that I would absolutely recommend  Lumiarie to anyone who is considering teeth whitening. It's easy to use to do and the results are impressive. You won't be disappointed.


"I had my teeth whitened at Lumiarie and the results were beyond my expectations! The customized treatment plan that was tailored to my goals and sensitivity level, along with the unique series of processes they use, made a huge difference. There was minimal sensitivity afterwards and the process was so easy. Shannon was so friendly, knowledgeable and helpful throughout the entire process. I would highly recommend Lumiarie to anyone looking for professional teeth whitening."  

Danica H.  //
I recently tried out the Lumiarie Blended Brilliance package and it completely exceeded my expectations! Having struggled with severe tetracycling staining on my teeth all my life, I was constantly told that whitening wouldn't work for me. But after using this package, my teeth are now 15 shades whiter than I ever thought possible. I am overjoyed with the results and feel so much more confident in my smile. I only wish I had discovered Lumiarie sooner!

The experience was incredibly comfortable, almost like a spa day dedicated to teeth whitening. Shannon, the expert behind it all, truly knows her stuff and guided me through the process with ease.

One thing that impressed me was the at-home whitening kit. It was so easy to use, and within less than two weeks, I noticed my teeth had become six shades whiter. The best part? No sensitivity at all, whether I was using the at-home kit or getting treatments in the studio.

Thank you, Lumiarie, for giving me a smile I can now proudly show off!

Kathi C.  //

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